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AirSeal Spray foam insulation technology

Get Premium Quality Thermal Insulation in Lynbrook

Reduce Energy Expenses with High-Quality Thermal Insulation in Lynbrook

When considering home efficiency, the first approach is to consider energy conservation.


It is important to recognize that wastage of energy resources can lead to high energy expenses. Thermal insulation is an excellent way to save energy as it reduces heat absorption and reduces air leakage from walls, floors & ceilings. Are you in search of thermal insulation installation at your property in Lynbrook? Air Seal Insulation System provides a wide range of insulation solutions and services.

Air Seal Insulation System - For All Residential & Commercial Property

AirSeal Insulation Systems’ primary goal is to provide excellent service and high-quality insulation. We understand the difficulties your property might develop over time in Lynbrook and one of them is the inefficient insulation. We always prioritize our client’s needs, which has led us to become a leading thermal insulation installation company.


Air Seal IS aims to make the environment healthier by delivering energy-efficient solutions for homes and buildings. We provide a range of insulation solutions, including Fiberglass (batt), HFO insulation, Cellulose (blown-in), and others. Please get in touch with us if you have questions about our insulation products and services or want a quick quote for a job.

Our Vast Selection of Thermal Insulation Solutions in Lynbrook

Air Seal Insulation Systems

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Closed cell spray foam insulation is made up of closed cell structure polyurethane material, which offers maximum air seal & complete water barrier. It is a bit expensive compared to traditional insulation but worth the investment.

HFO Hydrofluoroolefin Insulation

It offers the same thermal resistance & insulation performance as the spray foam; however, HFO or Hydrofluoroolefin insulation is a thermal insulation type that has a relatively thinner layer.

Intumescent Coating

Intumescent coating is a specialized coating where experts at Air Seal IS applies a protective substance that undergoes a chemical reaction to create a strong layer of thermal insulation on your walls & ceilings.

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation or "blown-in" insulation is a specific insulation type that is composed of 80% recycled newspaper material. Cellulose insulation is great for areas like columns & beams or places where you need fireproofing.

Fiberglass Insulation

Much affordable and reasonable, made up of used glass shards, this insulation type is one of the commonly found thermal insulations in most NYC locations. However, because it is cheap insulation, it isn't as effective as SPF.

Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Open cell spray foam insulation is made up of open cell structure polyurethane which is only great for preventing air leakage. It's not a good option if you're looking for a vapor barrier or moisture barrier.

Mineral Wool Sound Attenuation

If you want to create the perfect sound barrier, mineral wool insulation is your best bet. Also known as Fire Batt (SAFB) Insulation is made of inorganic fibers commonly derived from basalt, a volcanic rock.

Our Process

Air Seal Insulation Systems

Our experts can install insulation on your property in 3 simple steps!

Phase # 1

Project Scope

We initiate the process by understanding the project duration & the customer requirements. Once the scope is finalized, we then confirm the materials, installation time, maintenance cost, & customized insulation solutions based on the building structure shape & size.

Phase # 2

The Process

Our fundamental strategy of implementation is to bridge the gap between logistics, machinery & manpower so we can handle all-size projects across the tri-state region. We put together a strategic timeline meeting all our client’s expectations based on the feedback from our subcontractors.

Phase # 3

The Final Outcome

Our agenda is to meet customer satisfaction. We take a well scheduled, well prepared & well designed plan where the end-result speaks for itself. At Air Seal IS, we make sure that all our clients get the best results, the one they deserve. And we ensure to deliver them to the best of our capabilities.

What Are The Advantages of Installing Thermal Insulation?

  • It minimizes mold development.
  • It lowers your energy expenses.
  • It gives an appropriate fire-resistant coating.
  • It creates a perfect moisture barrier.
  • It keeps the internal temperature in a suitable condition.

Receive Rebates of 80% - 100% on Insulation Upgrades!

Besides saving money on your monthly power costs, you may also be eligible for insulation improvement rebates in Lynbrook. You can now avail of insulation upgrade rebates up to 80% – 100% with us where we make you eligible for the National Grid Energy Efficiency Program. In order to receive rebates, contact our professionals and learn in-depth, the criteria for earning thermal insulation upgrades.

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing one, insulation plays a huge role in making it a pleasant place. Call the Air Seal Insulation System.

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