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AirSeal Spray foam insulation technology

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Welcome to AirSeal Insulation Systems

The AirSeal Insulation Systems began in 2002. We perceived how the spray foam insulation technology would change the system of architectural firms, property developers, and general contractors in designing their buildings and construction projects. AirSeal Insulation Systems were able to generate a market and propel the use of spray foam insulation in exchange for traditional fiberglass. 

Through the years, we associated with various groups in the spray foam industry, and these unions helped us grow and made us lead the market.

Good service and quality insulation is the principal objective of AirSeal Insulation Systems. The company knows the challenges in Queens NY, and we are ready to impart our knowledge and expertise to provide solutions to these hurdles. We continue to supply advanced solutions to the leading architects, builders, management companies, and homeowners with 15 years of experience.

Check Our Wide Range of Thermal Insulation Solutions

Air Seal Insulation Systems

Batt Insulation (Fiberglass)

Batt Insulation is made of mineral wool or fiberglass. It is utilized to insulate ceilings, walls, and attics. Batt insulation is supple- It is available in rolls and pre-cut panels. It can be installed between rafters, blocks, and studs without leaving gaps. Batt Insulation is energy efficient – If installed correctly, it can reduce the energy required to cool and heat a home by 50%. With its quality and appearance, these are preferred by most homeowners.

HFO Closed Cell Foam

HFO Closed Cell Foam is from hydro fluoro olefin chemistry. This solution can be sprayed as thick as 6.5 inches in one pass, so it is safer, and the application would be quicker. Builders and designers accomplish higher insulating value because of the thermal insulating foam it produces. HFO Closed Cell Foam has an identical R-value with a thinner layer of insulation compared to the previous products.

Cellulose "Blow-In" Insulation

Cellulose Insulation is one of the oldest insulation materials still used to this day. It is from wood and paper: recycled newspapers, cardboards, office paper, and other waste paper products. For this reason, it is considered an eco-friendly product. It is also flame-resistant, mold-proof, inexpensive, and has a top R-value. This insulation can make your home more soundproof.

Closed Cell Foam (High Density)

The closed cell foam solution is an efficient insulating material with R-Values of 7 per inch. It gives an inherent air barrier with low moisture vapor permeability and outstanding water resistance. This particular foam is often the preferred choice among property owners because of its high density foam element. Once applied, the foam solidifies into the cracks & holes sealing off every possible outlet for air & moisture to pass through.

Sound Insulation (SAFB)

Sound Insulation is a solution that reduces the transfer of noise inside and outside your home. This insulation is mineral wool batts formulated to be soundproof, fireproof, and conserve energy. Sound Insulation is non-flammable, moisture resistant, and noxious animal proof. It can be installed in wood and steel stud construction.

Open Cell Foam

Open Cell Foam is more porous and susceptible to moisture permeation. It expands 100 times more than closed cell foam and provides excellent thermal insulation. These flexible foams are substantial for areas with hard-to-reach surfaces because the insulation stretches its way into fissures & corners. Open Cell Foam has an R-Value of 3.5 per inch and is great for soundproofing. It is cost-effective. This insulation solution stops leakage, convection, and airborne moisture movement.

Thermal Barrier (Intumescent Coating)

A Thermal Barrier is used as a fire resistance measure. It is a material applied between spray foam insulation and the interior living space. Drywall, plywood, or gypsum board are some thermal barriers. Thermal barriers are used when the area of the home sprayed with foam is connected to the living space, like ceilings and exterior walls.

Spray Fireproofing

The most common type of fireproofing material is Spray Fireproofing solution. It is a fire protection solution that lessens the rate of temperature increase in steel or concrete in case of fire. This solution is a mineral wool fiber with a portland cement-based binder, and dry mix formulation. Spray Fireproofing solution has thermal and acoustical properties. It also controls condensation.

Our Process

Air Seal Insulation Systems

Phase # 1

Project Scope

We initiate the process by understanding the project duration & the customer requirements. Once the scope is finalized, we then confirm the materials, installation time, maintenance cost, & customized insulation solutions based on the building structure shape & size.

Phase # 2

The Process

Our fundamental strategy of implementation is to bridge the gap between logistics, machinery & manpower so we can handle all-size projects across the tri-state region. We put together a strategic timeline meeting all our client’s expectations based on the feedback from our subcontractors.

Phase # 3

The Final Outcome

Our agenda is to meet customer satisfaction. We take a well scheduled, well prepared & well designed plan where the end-result speaks for itself. At Air Seal IS, we make sure that all our clients get the best results, the one they deserve. And we ensure to deliver them to the best of our capabilities.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Insulation in Queens NY?

A home or office without insulation means uncomfortable nights and days. It is good that we are in a generation now who knows how the insulations play a vital role in our lives. Below is a list of the benefits of the insulation solution.


  • It reduces your energy bills
  • It prevents moisture build up
  • It keeps the infestation at bay
  • It creates the perfect air barrier
  • It adds more value to your home

Lower Energy Consumption & Earn Rebates Up to 80% - 100%

Apart from saving money from your utility bills, The National Grid Total Home Comfort Program offers 80% – 100% rebates as a bonus for taking steps to reduce your energy consumption. It is good news for all of those who are still in the process of thinking if the insulation solution is a better decision for your property.


Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your old house, the Insulation solution is one of the most crucial decisions ever. Insulation has an immense role in making your home or business an environment-friendly and comfortable place. AirSeal Insulation Systems is here to help you halt your rising bills. 

Get access to a full range of insulation options based on your requirements.

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