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AirSeal Spray foam insulation technology

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If you’re looking for an insulation company who stays up-to-date with modern commercial insulation methods and offers a diverse range of solutions for both residential and commercial properties, look no further than Air Seal IS. We understand that every client has different needs when it comes to insulating your workplace or commercial property, which is why we don’t believe in offering cookie-cutter solutions. We have the experience and understanding to identify challenges you may face while operating your business in the Metro Area. Based on these problems, our teams are skilled in providing custom-tailored thermal insulation solutions to help you overcome them.

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Why Choose Us?

AirSeal Insulation Systems is the New York region’s only certified contractor for the award-winning Icynene Insulation System® and a proud member of multiple professional associations.

What Sets Our Business Apart?

We are not just any thermal insulation solution company, but we believe in creating sustainable solutions for our customers. Our thermal insulation techniques ensure that our applications are done in a supervised manner and our teams can give you an environmentally friendly solution so you can run your business operations smoothly. We have previously helped architects, business owners, homeowners, builders & management companies & more. When it comes to thermal insulation in NYC, our teams go beyond to deliver you the best cutting-edge solutions. We follow a customer-first approach when it comes to insulation.

A Wide Range of Thermal Insulation Solutions in NYC

Air Seal Insulation Systems

Foam Insulation

Foam insulations have the highest R-value compared to any insulation available in the market. Air Seal IS offers open-cell & closed-cell spray foam insulation for your homes & businesses.

HFO Closed Cell Insulation

HFO are based on Hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) chemistry which offers the same high insulation effectiveness, same thickness & R-value, but a relatively thinner layer compared to normal foam insulation.

Cellulose "Blown-In" Insulation

Composed of 80% of post-consumer recycled newsprint, the cellulose "blown-in" insulation is a thermally efficient solution that is quite affordable. It is commonly found in older homes & buildings.

Intumescent Coating

A paint coat is typically applied over open or closed cell foam application at new construction sites, renovation projects & speciality ones.

Batt Insulation (Fiberglass)

Batt Insulation is one of the oldest insulation materials widely used in the market. It is an affordable solution which is more widely used in construction, renovation & speciality projects.

Sound Insulation

Do you want to soundproof your property? Air Seal IS can apply soundproof insulation of top quality to ensure you have a perfectly sound environment.

Fireproof Insulation

We can also spray foam beams & columns at your residential & commercial property to ensure it has the best-fireproofing insulation application.

Our Process

Air Seal Insulation Systems

Phase # 1

Project Scope

We initiate the process by understanding the project duration & the customer requirements. Once the scope is finalized, we then confirm the materials, installation time, maintenance cost, & customized insulation solutions based on the building structure shape & size.

Phase # 2

The Process

Our fundamental strategy of implementation is to bridge the gap between logistics, machinery & manpower so we can handle all-size projects across the tri-state region. We put together a strategic timeline meeting all our client’s expectations based on the feedback from our subcontractors.

Phase # 3

The Final Outcome

Our agenda is to meet customer satisfaction. We take a well scheduled, well prepared & well designed plan where the end-result speaks for itself. At Air Seal IS, we make sure that all our clients get the best results, the one they deserve. And we ensure to deliver them to the best of our capabilities.

Air Seal Insulation Systems

Advantages of Thermal Insulation

Now Earn Up to 80% to 100% Rebate on Insulation Upgrade

At Air Seal IS, we can help you gain an advantage of the National Grid’s energy efficiency rebate program. Air Seal will help you get the best benefits for your rebate by helping you maximize your eligibility. We can help you get fresh insulation that is of top-tier material so your home & commercial locations can have long-term energy efficiency while you enjoy the benefits of rebates. We can help slash your utility bills down to one-third the price.

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R value is simply the measurement of resistance to heat flow. In most scenarios, it is commonly known as thermal resistance. The greater the R value of a thermal insulation, the more effective it will be at insulating our walls, ceilings, and other locations. Irrespective of type, thickness and weight, R-value can remain the same between different insulation materials. The different insulating materials have different insulating powers based on testing methodologies governed by the American Society of Testing & Materials (ASTM). So when you’re opting in for an insulation type, it’s best that you consider choosing an insulation with a greater R value.

A good insulation can save up a significant cost on your investments. It can reduce your energy bills down to a considerable extent. On average, a U.S. family spends approximately $1,500 on energy expenses every month. Almost 44% of this energy expenses goes to cooling & heating costs. This cost can significantly be cut down by 10% to 50% if you take a few steps. People often consider replacing the existing insulation at homes by changing the entire insulation or simply adding a layer of protection to the current premises. Unless a home is constructed with keeping energy consumption in mind, every other home requires insulation material.

There are several factors on which thermal insulation depends such as climate, the size of the home, the type of insulation & other similar aspects.

Hiring Air Seal IS, you can escape all such hassles & get a powerful insulation which may last for years to come.

Fibreglass is more commonly used insulation compared to other insulation materials. It tends to save more costs & is long-lasting. It is made of recycled glass which makes it environmentally-friendly as well. If you want an insulation type that will save you more in the longer run, opt-in for fibreglass. It can be used for both residential & commercial insulation purposes.

A professional home insulation contractor will have the experience & expertise to get the job done quickly, efficiently, & correctly. Our talented teams can perform a thorough overview of your residence or commercial property and find out every possible crack, crevice and hole that requires filling. We use different insulation materials for different applications. For instance, if you want to cover your electrical wiring, you would need a different insulation type than what you would use to cover your ductwork. A professional contractor will also have the right suggestions for you based on how much you want to control mold remediation, water damage, air leakage or similar issues. Air sealing insulation is important to not only improve your home’s comfort but also its resale value. If you are looking to save money or cut down on your energy expenses, Air Seal IS is the best place for you. Feel free to contact our experts anytime.

Have you chosen a home insulation contractor? So before you go into a contract with the person, make sure that you check up his license, job specifications, cost demands, method of payment & so on. When choosing an insulation type, check if the insulation types are mentioned with their respective R-values.


If you observe any such thing like, “average,” or “nominal” when it comes to insulation solutions, then it’s probably a red flag. They are either stated in decimal numbers or grades to ensure what kind of thermal resistance they are offering.


Double check for contracts which are offering thermal insulation thickness up to an X inches. This is another red flag because the R-value of the compound is what matters more irrespective of the thickness and number of layers. So it’s best not to run astray over the thickness of the coat. Rather check the R-value and its authenticity first.


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We have a wide range of solutions to meet your needs.

Closed Cell Foam (High Density)

Closed Cell Foam has the highest R-Value per inch over any insulating material in the market. The product is hard like a rock after it cures. Typically used in new construction, renovations and specialty projects.

Open Cell Foam (Low Density)

This affordable, thicker foam alternative — a close relative of high-density spray foam leaves no gaps or seams around framing materials, can easily withstand extreme weather conditions and virtually eliminates air leakage, convection and airborne moisture movement. The product is soft after it cures. Typically used in new construction, renovations and specialty projects.

HFO Closed Cell Foam

HFO Products foam blowing agents are based on hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) chemistry. They produce thermal insulating foam that enables builders and designers to achieve a higher insulating effectiveness with the same thickness or the same R-value with a thinner layer of insulation than previous generation products. low-global warming potential
Heatlok Soy "Green Foam"

Cellulose "Blown-In" Insulation

This green-friendly alternative to injection foam is made of 80% post-consumer recycled newsprint and can be sprayed, blown or fastened in place. It offers a thermally efficient solution that’s easy on the wallet — and on the environment. Typically used in older homes and buildings.
Cellulose "Blown-In" Insulation

Thermal Barrier (Intumescent Coating)

Typically used over open or closed cell foam in new construction, renovations and specialty projects.

Sound Insulation (SAFB)

This rigid, panel-like insulation offers superior acoustical control and soundproofing properties that consistently keep noises out, along with powerful thermal and fire-resistant benefits. Typically used in new construction, renovations and specialty projects.
Sound Insulation (SAFB)

Batt Insulation (Fiberglass)

The oldest insulation in the market. Typically used in new construction, renovations and specialty projects.
Batt Insulation (Fiberglass)

Spray Fireproofing

Commonly used in commercial construction to provide fire ratings for beams and steel decking.
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Expert Advantage

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To the untrained eye, the spray foam application process appears deceivingly simple. Just spray on the insulating foam. Let it cure. Cover with sheetrock. Job well done. Or is it? As a pioneering force in the field of spray foam insulation for well over two decades, AirSeal Insulation Systems knows that the analysis, planning and strategy surrounding a building envelope will directly affect the outcome of every job. The understanding of structural design, material application, modern technology and environmental factors all contribute to the effectiveness of an air barrier system. In other words? There’s a serious process involved, and it’s something we make a big deal about.


AirSeal Insulation Systems was founded over a decade ago by two contractors possessing extensive experience in related insulation specialties.
  • High-performance insulation systems
  • Spray foam insulation application
  • Home performance maximization
  • Fireproofing services
  • Cellulose application
  • Energy audits
AirSeal Insulation Systems has developed trusted relationships with leading firms and companies across the tri-state region.
  • Architectural firms
  • Engineering firms
  • Property developers
  • General contractors
  • Management companies
  • Energy designers
AirSeal Insulation Systems provides comprehensive insulation systems at new construction jobsites and existing renovation projects.
  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial Structures
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Institutional Facilities
  • Retrofits & Additions
  • Residential Homes
AirSeal Insulation Systems is proud to feature a large team of skilled employees who are experienced in the art of spray foam application and continuously train to advance their skills.
  • Chemical Usage Handling & Disposal
  • SPF Ingredient Application
  • Safety Control Measures
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Engineering Controls
AirSeal Insulation Systems is the New York region’s only certified contractor for the award-winning Icynene Insulation System® and a proud member of multiple professional associations.

AirSeal Insulation Systems proudly serves the tri-state region with distinction and has completed residential and commercial projects of all sizes in various locales.

  • The Five Boroughs of New York
  • Long Island
  • Westchester County
  • New Jersey / Philadelphia Metro area
  • Southern Connecticut


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