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AirSeal Spray foam insulation technology

Protect Your Homes with High Quality Thermal Insulation in Glen Head

Air Seal Insulation Systems – The Best Thermal Insulation Company in Glen Head

Air Seal Insulation Systems is a certified and insured insulation company that has been serving residents of Glen Head for many years. We provide top-quality spray foam insulation for your residence. Our experts perform complete insulation audits to assess if there’s any air leakage and increased electricity consumption due to holes, cracks or crevices. It helps our enthusiasts to decide which insulation material is the best. When you come into business with Air Seal IS, we not only offer you spray foam insulation, but you can also find other thermal insulation solutions such as fiberglass insulation, HFO insulation, cellulose insulation, sound attenuation mineral wool, & fireproofing insulation as well. Let our experienced staff take the lead in identifying what insulation is the best fit for you. We bring reliable & effective solutions for you.

A Wide Range of Thermal Insulation Solutions in Glen Head

Air Seal Insulation Systems

Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a polyurethane composite that is used to thermally insulate residential and commercial properties. It creates a strong air barrier that does not allow air to leak from the premises. Our experts know how to install both open and closed spray foam insulation.

HFO Insulation

HFO is a fourth-generation, eco-friendly polyurethane spray foam that has zero ozone depletion potential. It is blown into each nook and cranny of your property to achieve thermal insulation.

Intumescent Coating

Intumescent paint or coating is applied onto walls and ceilings of buildings under construction to achieve passive fire protection.

Cellulose “Blown-In” Insulation

HFO is a fourth-generation, eco-friendly polyurethane spray foam that has zero ozone depletion potential. It is blown into each nook and cranny of your property to achieve thermal insulation.

Fiberglass “Batt Insulation”

Fiberglass insulation is made of thin glass fibers that are rolled into batts and installed in the building’s structure. It is easy to install and green-friendly.

Soundproofing & Fireproofing

If you want noise cancellation on your property, we can install soundproof insulation for you. Our experts can also install fireproof thermal insulation to keep you safe in a fire hazard.

Now build a comfortable & warm home environment with premium thermal insulation in Glen Head.

Our Process

Air Seal Insulation Systems
Air Seal Insulation Systems wants to make insulation installation as simple as possible for you. Our process is hassle-free and fast. Give us a call to get started.

Phase # 1

Project Scope

We initiate the process by understanding the project duration & the customer requirements. Once the scope is finalized, we then confirm the materials, installation time, maintenance cost, & customized insulation solutions based on the building structure shape & size.

Phase # 2

The Process

Our fundamental strategy of implementation is to bridge the gap between logistics, machinery & manpower so we can handle all-size projects across the tri-state region. We put together a strategic timeline meeting all our client’s expectations based on the feedback from our subcontractors.

Phase # 3

The Final Outcome

Our agenda is to meet customer satisfaction. We take a well scheduled, well prepared & well designed plan where the end-result speaks for itself. At Air Seal IS, we make sure that all our clients get the best results, the one they deserve. And we ensure to deliver them to the best of our capabilities.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Spray Foam Insulation?

  • You can save up on energy bills
  • You get reduced carbon footprint
  • Protection from fire hazard & sound attenuation
  • Complete soundproofing
  • Permanent seal from air leakage
Have a more healthy and comfortable living with our high quality thermal insulation solution. Get the best spray foam insulation done by our experts in Glen Head.

Earn Rebates Up to 80%-100% on Insulation Upgrades!

The National Grid Energy Rebate Program offers rebates of up to 80% – 100% on insulation upgrades. To be eligible for these benefits, you need to have appropriate thermal insulation installed. At Air Seal IS, we can perform all types of insulation upgrades that will make your home or commercial property eligible for rebates. With proper insulation, your energy expenses can be as low as 40%


Spray foam is a polyurethane composite which is a chemical compound so it does not contain recycled content. If you want eco-friendly insulation, opt for fiberglass insulation or cellulose insulation.
It has about 40-60% recycled content in it. However, if you want a more green-friendly option, opt for cellulose insulation since it is made from 80% recycled paper products.
Yes, insulation works by reducing heat transfer from within and outside your property. It maintains the temperature level in your premises so it keeps your house cool in the hot summer months.

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