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Air Seal Insulation systems

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Air Seal Insulation System


Act Now!

Act Now! Get Up To 90% Rebate on Insulation Upgrade

Take advantage of National Grid Total Home Comfort Program with Airseal. We help you maximize your eligibility. You’ll get top-tier, super effient, fresh insulation in your home for approximately

Air Seal Insulation System

Sealing air leaks will save energy and increase comfort.

Leaks around windows, doors, and joints let air flow into and out of your home. These air leaks cause drafts, decrease comfort, and result in
wasted energy and money.

The National Grid Total Home Comfort Program offers rebates for air sealing to help you save energy and create a more comfortable home.
Plus we have program partners who will help to coordinate your project from start to finish—making it even easier to save energy and money.

  • An approved program partner can:
    • Perform a whole-home air leakage test
    • Apply foam around roof and wall penetrations such as chimneys, pipes, and vents
    • Seal cracks and gaps around doors and windows
    • Seal recessed lighting in your ceiling
    • Improve air barriers where walls meet your floors and rooflines
Expert Advantage

Expert Advantage

With over 20 years of bringing comfort and savings to thousands of homes
Air sealing

Air sealing

will reduce the transfer of outside air and drafts inside your home ultimately increasing your comfort
Storm and window replacements

Storm and window replacements

well insulated windows keep extreme outdoor conditions from affecting your indoor heating and cooling
Pipe insulation  - minimizes

Pipe insulation - minimizes

heat loss by maintaining water temperature, resulting in lower energy costs
Save money

Save money

Estimated savings up to 25% on
your annual heating cost

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Nochum Goldstein

“This is the best insulation company! They walked me through the entire process from beginning to end, were extremely professional and accommodating, and got the job done quick and efficiently. Joel was the best and made sure everything was taken care of. I would highly recommend them to all!”

“Airseal insulation did a fantastic job insulating my entire home. Abba and his team are professional, clean and knowledgeable. I really couldn’t be happier with them and I would highly recommended them to anybody looking to insulate their homes. Thank you guys!!”
Joel Follman
Satisfied customer
“We saw the online reviews and booked an appointment. Joel, the sales rep, called the next day to set up an appointment for Spray foam services. It was a great price. Appointment was set up one week later. When they arrived, the team leader was very professional and explained the process. I highly recommend this company for me it was 100%”
Chany Berkowitz
Satisfied customer
“Airseal insulation placed spray foam insulation in my attic. Their crew was extremely thorough and clean. The effect of the insulation has been dramatic. Even my wife agrees it has warmed our bedroom wonderfully. It really works!”
Harold B
Satisfied customer

Air Seal Insulation System

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to qualify for the National Grid’s Total Home Comfort Program, there are a few requirements that you must meet. Firstly, you need to be a current National Grid residential gas heating customer. Secondly, your home must be located within the National Grid Metro NYC and Long Island gas service area. Thirdly, you must reside in a one to four-family home. Lastly, you will need to work with an approved National Grid Partner to access the program. By meeting these requirements, you can take advantage of the program and receive weatherization services to enhance the energy-efficiency of your home.

Our approved program partner will perform a complete energy audit of your home and identify potential areas where thermal insulation is required to be installed. They will then work with the insulation contractors to assess how much thermal insulation is needed to apply across walls & ceilings. Once the energy assessment is complete, our program partner will get the quote and start with the rebate financing process.

A: Weatherization services are cost-effective energy efficiency measures for residential, multifamily, and commercial and industrial customers to improve comfort and save energy by repairing and improving the building shell. The goal is to increase your home’s energy efficiency,safety and comfort by identifying and repairing places where your home loses energy. Measures can include eliminating drafts by weather stripping, repairing doors, patching holes in walls and roofs, repairing damaged windows, insulating attic, walls, floors, heater pipes or furnace ducts.

it is possible that you have heating rate and its not showing on your bill. Please call National Grid on the 800 number provided on bill to confirm your current rate.

Ask your contractor if they are already a part of a Total Home Comfort Program Partner Network. If not, have them reach out to us at or 877-888-8378 to ask about how they can get involved.

The insulation rebates are calculated as per the energy savings that you are going to get from thermal insulation installation. Our program partner will provide you with an estimate on rebates which you can earn on your specific project. The amount which you will earn for thermal insulation is capped based on the total costing of the insulation project.

The Total Home Comfort Partners are energy service providers who will make all arrangements to develop your project, install the measures, and submit the application details for rebate reimbursement.

When you reach out to the Partner to inquire about working with them, they can explain their process and next steps for developing a quote. Currently all Partners are offering a free quote or estimate.

A: Yes! Please visit for available programs and eligibility

If you are a tenant in a building with 4 or fewer living units and can obtain permission from the building owner to do work, you are eligible to apply.